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Business Organisation

Do you have processes, plans and goals?

This will sometimes solve most of your business problems.  Sorting out what you really need. Business coaching with me will give you clarity about what you should do, when, how and why. I work with you throughout your entire decision-making process to give you more chance of great success. An extremely results-oriented professional, I want to help you create more success and see and enjoy how that makes you feel. Contact me to find out how I could help you on your journey, today.

Brand Strategy

What is your brand?

What do you stand for?  What is are your true business aims?  Branding isn't just about logo, colour and design, it's about what your mission, vision and brand stands for.  Talk to me about this and then you can incorporate everything so it all works together.

Marketing Strategy

Growing your business

I work with you to analyse your business and ideal customer, and then we can decide on your marketing strategy. Whether it's printing leaflets, organising events, buying advertising space or using online marketing such as social media and email marketing I can help you. This will help you gain more from your existing customers and bring new ones, so contact me now!


Wendy listens to your ideas, challenges them where needs be and offers her own insight. Much of our marketing is targeted towards parents and she really helped me gain a better understanding of our target audience.
Since working with Wendy the majority of our classes have reached capacity and I feel we are spending money on marketing that actually turns into leads and sales.

Ashley Thomas, Skillz (UK) Ltd

Not only did I learn exactly how I could and should be using social media, Wendy also gave me the knowledge to experiment and discover for myself how best to demonstrate my consultancy's ethos and values. 


Carole Crutchfield, Housing and Charity Consultant

What Wendy's helped me do for my business is absolutely priceless. I can see it's working and it's getting better and better. We're attracting clients and it's improving for me all the time. We've worked mostly on improving my online presence and I can highly recommend her.

Gary Baker, GB Visuals

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07900 806571 Wendy@GetBetterCoaching.co.uk

Coulsdon CR5, Croydon, Surrey

07900 806571


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